Getting To and From School

We would like to share some information with you concerning your child’s transportation to and from school. Should you experience problems with your child’s school bus, you can:

•  Call the bus company to report the problem
•  Call OPT at 718-784-3313 or HOTLINE: 718-392-8855
•  Report problem to Larry Litwack at The Summit School

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“Which bus route is my child on?” “Did his or her bus break down or what’s the delay?” “How can I change my afternoon drop off?” Get answers to these questions and more quickly from OPT.

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Larry Litwack
Dean of Students
718-264-2931 x219


Be Ready for Your School Bus Pickup: Please have your child ready in the morning at the time specified to you by the bus driver. Drivers are required to wait only two minutes for children who are not ready. Matrons are not permitted to leave the school bus to get a child.

Inform Us About Pickups from School: If you plan to pick up your child from school in the afternoon, kindly send a note to your child’s teacher, or call the school to inform us. Any child who does not have a note (or phone call) explaining that a parent/guardian will come to school to pick him/her up will be placed on his/her school bus at time of dismissal. PLEASE NOTE: PARENTS MUST COME TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE WHEN THEY PICK UP A STUDENT.

Redirect Your Travel Arrangements: The school cannot make arrangements for a child to travel on another child’s bus. If arrangements are made for one child to visit another child’s home, parents must coordinate all transportation arrangements with the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) and the bus company. PLEASE NOTE: On half days (see school calendar), your child will go home on his/her regularly scheduled bus. Check with your drivers and/or matrons for drop-off times.

Expect Delays When School Starts: Please expect that your child’s bus may be a few minutes late for morning pickup and that your child may be a few minutes later returning home the first few days of school. It takes some time before drivers have their schedules worked out.

Change Your After-School Dropoff: It may be possible to have your child’s school bus
drop him/her off at a location other than home. To arrange for this, you must contact OPT at 718-784-3313 for a “P.M. Dropoff Form.” This form outlines the procedures you should follow. Please notify the school of start date and end date of all after-school drops.

Keep Your Address Current: It is important that you notify the school office as soon as you know when you will be moving and your new address so that your child’s busing is not interrupted. It normally takes 10 school days to make changes in school bus routes.


Some of Summit’s Upper School students, as well as some Lower School students, travel to and from school using public transportation. NYC students are eligible to receive a free Metrocard from the Department of Education. This is only available to students who waive school bus service. For further information, please contact Larry Litwack, Dean of Students: 718-264-2931, x219.