Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in The Summit School. We hope that you have had the opportunity to explore our website and have found it helpful in providing information about our school and programs.

The Summit School uses appropriate accommodations to provide full access to a general education curriculum through a program designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, identify and use students’ strengths, and expand their knowledge. We optimize our students’ potential in all areas of development.

Summit’s interdisciplinary team facilitates our students’ development of a stronger sense of self. Students become effective self-advocates as they learn to understand themselves and prepare for the future. Summit is a community where individuals flourish, differences are accepted, and respect for students is valued. We address our students’ cognitive, academic, social, and emotional development to narrow the gap between potential and achievement.

Our goal is to have our students:
•  Develop essential academic skills and increase their fund of knowledge along
    with their critical thinking skills
•  Develop age-appropriate social skills and behaviors
•  Build a strong sense of self
•  Become active learners who assume responsibility for their own learning
•  Understand and manage their disabilities
•  Become effective advocates for themselves
•  Discover their vocational interests and aptitudes
•  Enter the mainstream as they become ready

We seek to create a group of students in each class who will complement each other. We take into consideration age, sex, IQ range, language facility, management needs, reading and math levels, prior friendships, and personality traits. Related services of speech/language therapy, counseling, and occupational therapy are provided.

Although our students’ progress in a traditional classroom has been hindered by a variety of obstacles, they thrive in Summit’s therapeutic learning environment. Most importantly, we provide a safe, structured environment while encouraging growth in social, emotional, and academic areas of development.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Nancy Morgenroth
Director of Admissions
Telephone 718-264-2931 x206 
Email nmorgenroth@summitqueens.com