Click image to view Benefit Journal online [pdf]

Click image to view Benefit Journal online [pdf]

Monday, November 20, 2017
The Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue & 61st Street

Summit is unique in New York City and its program model has become a basis for many special education schools in the United States. Summit understands what it takes for its students to be successful in academics and in life. Next year, Summit celebrates 50 years of academic excellence — a great milestone that signifies Summit is doing all the right things.


The Summit School community is greatly pleased to honor Nancy Lieberman, Mark Ellman, and Eric Ellman — a Summit family and student — who have stayed the course and found much success academically and socially as we’ve worked together to overcome challenges. Nancy and Mark have been visionaries in creating the unique fit for their son, but have selflessly and tirelessly worked to improve the Summit experience for every child at our school.


Summit’s Annual Benefit, while a night of fun and friendship, is also a time for parents to unite and ensure our school’s and children’s success. Closing the gap is a significant issue that we must address directly since New York State’s tuition rate does not equal Summit’s actual cost for educating our children. Lowering Summit’s standards is not an option. Together, we will help Summit maintain its commitment to excellence. We are fortunate that Summit families, past and present, make our school strong and ensure our legacy.