Click image to view Benefit Journal online [pdf]

Click image to view Benefit Journal online [pdf]

Monday, November 19, 2018
The Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue & 61st Street

A semi-centennial. Half a century. Five decades. Fifty years. No matter how you describe it, it all adds up to the most important milestone in Summit’s history — the celebration of our school’s founding. This milestone celebrates all of the students and families who have crossed our threshold to enter a nurturing and supportive school and discovered their individual strengths and talents — in academics, relationships, careers, and communities — Learning for Life!


On November 19, Summit’s parents, alumni parents, and friends came together at our Annual Benefit to celebrate this special occasion and enjoy the night while helping to close the gap between New York State’s tuition rate and Summit’s actual costs for educating our students. We know what it takes to make our students successful. Summit’s Annual Benefit provides flexible and immediate funds for our school’s operational needs, including academic programs, athletic programs, swimming, school security, student activities and clubs, art, music, technology, and work-based learning. This year, school security was added to our budget, a cost that is also not covered by our tuition rate nor any other NYS funding. Lowering Summit’s standards is not an option. Together, we will help Summit maintain its commitment to excellence and ensure our legacy.

We are pleased to present some highlights from our event in photos (click on any photo below to launch the gallery to view in full scale mode and click through):