Help Plan for the Next Generation

Why have a capital campaign? Because even the strongest schools cannot remain vibrant if they are not also moving forward. Summit’s Campaign for Kids has generated support from parents for many important and lasting projects. Funds raised from this campaign have been used to build a 4,000-square-foot Upper School addition with more classrooms, music and art studios, multipurpose meeting rooms, and a fitness center. We also have been able to retire debt, renovate Lower School classrooms and therapeutic areas, and equip all classrooms with Smartboard technology. Our annual Swim- A-Thons, sponsored by Summit’s Parents’ Association, have also generated funds used toward the construction of an outdoor playspace and new pool locker rooms at the Lower School, as well as upgrading computers used in our classrooms. We also seek funds for new school initiatives from external resources, such as foundation and corporate grants, but these are becoming harder to attract.

Yet the heart of our work has always been people: our families who we help guide and counsel, our students whose intellectual curiosity is stimulated by our integrated therapeutic learning approach, and our excellent academic and clinical staff.

To complete our campaign goals, $2 million remains to be raised to fund Summit’s pension plan for its staff. This important endeavor, which was mandated by Summit parents, was designed to be funded over an extended timeframe and span several generations of families. Since its inception, we have provided incentives that have helped us to attract and retain the very best educators and clinicians. These are the people who have earned our students’ respect and will be remembered for preparing them to succeed in life.

The pension plan was established in 2003 during our first capital campaign. Our goal is to fully fund the plan by 2018 to ensure its sustainability. Summit’s retirement plan uses a service-based formula to generate fixed rate payouts, which is a more conservative approach compared to an earnings-based calculation with cost-of-living adjustments used by New York public pension plans. When compared to New York City or suburban school district salaries, Summit’s teachers and related service providers earn less than their public counterparts. Moreover, they are not eligible to join New York State or New York City pension plans. Summit’s modest benefit is not intended to provide sole financial support, but rather to supplement Social Security benefits and personal savings to help employees meet post-retirement needs.

Please call us to discuss how you would like to participate.

Karen Elder
Director, Development and Special Projects
Telephone 718-264-2931