ART Program

Learning about the visual arts gives Summit's Lower School students an opportunity to see the world around them. Through art, our students learn about their own history and culture, as well as those of other people. Art also promotes self-expression, imagination, creativity, and visual communication of ideas. Working together on projects teaches students tolerance and cooperation in order to achieve a goal. Finally, creating art can help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and improve self-esteem.


Summit’s Lower School art program teaches students about color theory, art and design techniques, artists and art history, art from other cultures, interdisciplinary art, architecture, as well as three-dimensional forms. Our students also learn different techniques and use a variety of materials to create their works of art. Lessons encourage students to express their originality and point of view. Projects have included monochromatic paintings, 3-D building designs, recreating famous paintings, creating masks, and collaborative group murals and projects.


Student Artwork: Top, left: A study in Chinese landscape painting. Top, center: A study of masks. Top, right: A study in monochromatics. Bottom, left: A study of silhouettes. Bottom, right: A study in reinterpretation featuring Starry Night.


Summit’s music education and band program are an important component of our arts curriculum at the Lower School. We firmly believe that music instruction helps our students to foster self-expression, understand music as a universal language, communicate with others through music, connect music with other disciplines, as well as to make social, cultural, and historical connections through music study.

Our band program originates from Paul Effman Music, which provides instruments, in-school music instruction, and program leadership. Parents work directly with the music service to arrange for instrument rentals and lessons. Groups are formed based on instrument and skill level. Instruction is provided on a weekly basis.

Participation in this program offers our young musicians a variety of listening, participatory, and responsive opportunities. Parents are invited to winter and spring concerts.