Language Arts

The primary focus of Summit’s language arts program in the Lower School is to improve oral and written communication skills. Students learn to write sentences, paragraphs, and essays through the use of specific strategies. This step-by-step approach is success oriented and creates confident and creative writers. Our approach is interdisciplinary and is supported by our related service providers. Technology is used to facilitate the writing process.

Elementary School: While teaching sentence and paragraph writing strategies, our program also incorporates grammar, vocabulary, and structural analysis. Students write for a variety of purposes including journals, friendly letters, and personal narratives. Graphic organizers are used for brainstorming and organizing and a proofreading strategy is used for editing. A writing portfolio tracks each student’s progress.

Middle School: Graphic organizers are used to develop and expand students’ writing. Students are encouraged to expand their writing through the use of descriptive modifiers and various sentence types. Additionally, a proofreading strategy is used for editing throughout the writing process. The curriculum incorporates grammar, vocabulary, and research skills. Students write for a variety of purposes including journal writing, business letters, and descriptive multiparagraph essays. A writing portfolio is kept to track each student’s progress.