The primary focus of Summit’s reading program at the Lower School is to develop competent readers who are able to obtain and analyze information from written language as well as to develop in each child a desire to read for enjoyment as well as information. Students are exposed to a variety of texts and formats throughout their years in the program. In grades 3-8, students participate annually in the NYS ELA assessment.

Elementary School: Our elementary reading curriculum provides students with instruction
in decoding, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. Reading skills and strategies are taught in formats such as shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, and interactive word study. Students use both developmental reading texts and children’s literature. Author studies, book reports, and multimedia projects enhance the curriculum.

Middle School: Summit’s middle school reading curriculum continues skill development
and extends information and literary knowledge. There is an emphasis on vocabulary and comprehension skills. Students in grades 6-8 participate in individual, small group, and
whole-class reading experiences, and share their thoughts and interpretations through class discussion and written assignments. Students use self-selected materials as well as those selected by the classroom teacher. Reading selections are drawn from literature anthologies, novels, magazines, electronic media, and newspapers. Book reports and digital media presentations are used to enhance instruction.