The Summit School's science programs in the Lower School are aligned to the NYS learning standards and core curriculum. Our programs focus on the mastery of science concepts through the development of science process skills, critical thinking skills, and informed decision-making skills.

A hands-on and inquiry based approach is used in our elementary and middle school programs. Laboratory experiences are an integral component of each program. These activities are designed to enhance student performance and science communication skills. Students learn to use appropriate scientific language and to demonstrate understanding of science concepts and procedures.

Students in grades 4 and 8 participate in the NYS Science Testing program. 

Elementary School: Science instruction in grades 3-5 uses a theme-based and interdisciplinary approach. A variety of topics are explored from the life, earth, and physical sciences. Field trips extend learning beyond the classroom.

Middle School: Science in grades 6-8 uses an integrated instructional approach. Course work involves a greater mastery of topics related to the life, earth, and physical sciences. Laboratory experiences are more complex in nature. Accelerated students may have the opportunity to complete a Regents-level science course in grade 8.