Social Studies

Summit’s Lower School social studies program helps students understand their role and place in our global community through the study of history, geography, government, civics, and current events. Our social studies teachers incorporate art, reading, writing, and field trips for further exploration.

Elementary School: Our program is designed to provide understanding of historic, social, geographic, economic, and political elements of communities. Students learn to gather, use and present information, participate in collaborative groups, and consider different points of view and interpretations of events. Students are introduced to the use of primary source documents (photos, editorial cartoons, charts, and graphs, etc.) with the goal of acquiring the skills needed to construct meaning and understanding.

Middle School: The 6th grade social studies curriculum emphasizes the Eastern Hemisphere, providing students with a basic understanding of the geographic, social, economic, and political elements. In grades 7 and 8, the program focuses on American history. It begins with understanding how Colonial America was a fusion of cultural elements of the New and Old Worlds, and culminates with a consideration of recent events and concerns in our country. Civic values reflected in the U.S. and New York State Constitutions, as well as rights and responsibilities of citizens are explored. Skills introduced in the primary grades are further developed.