student activities

science trips

Motto of Summit’s science program:
     I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
                                                        —Ancient Chinese Proverb

Summit's Lower School science trips extend learning beyond the classroom with school-day, extended day, and multiday experiences. Direct experience can be a better teacher than books. It helps our students learn things in a more accessible and enduring manner. Going to a new place to see, touch, smell, hear, and, even taste, provides an excellent way to learn new information that has real-life meaning.

Children's minds are filled with awe and wonder about the world around them. We foster the inquisitive nature of our students by providing multisensory experiences through a hands-on and inquiry-based approach to learning.

Multiday field trips have included NASA Space Camp, Sea World, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, the Liberty Science Center, and environmental centers. 

Student Activities

At Summit’s Lower School, students can always find something to do to develop and strengthen their skills and talents, or just to have fun.

Basketball Teams: Summit’s Lower School varsity and junior varsity basketball teams welcome students of all skill levels. Practices focus on court fundamentals, offensive and defensive strategies, and competitive play. Players learn good sportsmanship and a dedication to team success, while improving self-confidence and engaging in cooperative play. All players receive uniforms in the beginning of the season and individual trophies during a ceremony/ pizza party at the end of the season. Go Team, Go!

Friday Clubs: Friday Club Time is a part of Summit’s schoolwide motivation program. Students register for a preferred club and earn points during the week to attend. The choice of clubs varies each school year but typically includes: basketball, indoor sports, computers, art, board games, Legos, and movies. Our students enjoy participating in a fun activity where they can make new friends and can pursue a personal interest or talent.

Student Council: The goal of the Lower School Student Council is to help students learn leadership skills to improve both the school and the community at large. An annual election is held and members meet regularly throughout the school year. Some projects have included implementing a recycling program, raising money for a charity, and organizing social events for students.

MOUSE Squad: The Summit School has participated in the MOUSE Squad program since 2001. MOUSE Squad provides elementary, middle, and high school students with opportunities to develop 21st century skills and apply them as they solve technical problems faced by their schools. The program, modeled on the type of help desks that have become standard in business and industry, prepares and supports participants in the creation and operation of a student-run, school-based, data-driven, technical support help desk. Recruitment for MOUSE occurs in early fall.