Summit’s Two-Stage Program


There are two stages of Summit’s Work-Based Learning Program for students: one supervised and one independent.

Job Coach Supervision: Students in grades 9-11 travel with and are supervised by a job coach for about two and a half hours one day a week at their assigned job sites. They receive the training that a typical entry-level employee would receive and gain valuable knowledge about successful workplace behaviors. Students learn basic job skills in grades 9 and 10, progressing to more complex tasks by grade 11. As students evolve through the program, they continue to learn and demonstrate important 21st-century employment skills.

Senior Internship: The final stage of Summit’s work-based learning continuum culminates with a senior internship in which students are encouraged to explore actual careers of interest, often with a reduced level of staff supervision. Senior students intern at a job site for at least one-half day per week. This time of discovery provides an added advantage during college and career planning.