What Resources Must a Business Commit?

The involvement of job coaches for students in grades 9-11 means that there is minimal supervision required by employees at job sites. Usually one or two people at the host company provide early training to our students and communicate assignments.


Students participating in a senior internship work independently and need only routine supervision by someone from the sponsoring company. Additionally, students in the Senior Internship Program are required to submit resumes and undergo interviews for their positions. The interview process is important for employers as it gives them an opportunity to assess applicants’ interests and abilities to determine proper placement within their companies.

Business partners are invited to attend three Advisory Board meetings per year. These meetings give business partners an opportunity to meet and network with other participating businesses and gain insights into how to make the program work best for them. 

The Summit School provides liability insurance for all job sites. Companies do not pay our students, nor do they incur any costs through involvement with the program.