Upper School Academics

The Summit School's high school follows NYS Education Department curriculum and standards. Students must earn a minimum of 22 credits and pass five Regents examinations in order to graduate with a NYS Regents diploma. The following courses are available to students and meet the requirements for a NYS high school Regents diploma:

English Language Arts – 4 credits

Social Studies – 4 credits
            Global History and Geography
            American History
            Government and Economics

Mathematics – 3 credits 
            Algebra I (Common Core)
            Geometry (Common Core)
            Algebra II (Common Core) 

Science – 3 credits
            Living Environment
            Earth Science

Health – ½ credit 

The Arts – 1 credit (including Music and Art) 

Language Other Than English (Spanish) – 1 credit (unless exempt by CSE)

Physical Education – 2 credits

Additional Courses plus Work-Based Learning – 3½ credits

Required NYS Regents Examinations
Students must pass NYS Regents examinations as follows:
•  English Language Arts (Common Core)
•  Global History and Geography or U.S. History and Government
•  One in Mathematics
•  One in Science
•  One additional Regents examination in one of 

An Advanced Regents diploma is available to those students who: 
•  Take an additional two years of a Language Other Than English and pass a locally developed examination (unless exempt by CSE)
•  Pass two additional math Regents examinations
•  Pass one additional science Regents examinations

Testing Accommodations: Testing accommodations are determined at each student’s CSE annual IEP meeting. The Summit School is able to implement all recommended testing accommodations.