Summit’s art program follows the NYS high school diploma requirements. Our students study traditional art, such as drawing and painting as well as graphic design. Students learn about art history and take virtual field trips to museums not only in New York City, but around the world.


Student Artwork: Collage Self-Portraits in Silhouette. Mixed Media.


Student Artwork: Line in Repetition Drawings. Marker on Paper.

MUSIC program

The music program at The Summit School meets the NYS high school diploma requirements.

Music appreciation consists of film music analysis, popular music history in its cultural context, classical music history, and world music.

The core of our elective music program is a songwriting workshop. Students bring to the process their own components, including melodies, lyrics, chord structures, and styles. Other student musicians participate in the collaboration process.

In this teacher-guided workshop, all aspects of songwriting are explored for a final rendering of a student’s artistic expression. At year’s end, our young songwriters and musicians have a chance to perform at a schoolwide concert.

Students have a chance to record their songs in our recording studio, while others provide the technological enhancements using state-of-the-art music editing applications.