High School Program Overview

The Summit School’s high school provides students with a rigorous academic program in combination with its outstanding Work-Based Learning Program. The school follows NYS curriculum and core standards. Students can receive one of three diplomas: NYS Regents diploma, NYS Advanced Regents diploma, or a local diploma. A variety of activities round out the high school experience, such as technology, art, ensemble music, student government, interscholastic basketball, softball, track, chess, school trips, and after-school programs. 

Students who exhibit excellence in academic achievement, character, and service may earn a place in the National Honor Society. In their senior year, eligible students can earn college English credits through a program with St. John’s University. Students who desire to explore college level courses during their high school experience are encouraged to participate in the City University of New York’s College Now Program.

Throughout their years in high school, students are helped to discover their learning styles and develop strategies in time management, organization, and study skills. These strategies enable our students to become independent and successful learners during both their high school years and in their future endeavors in post-secondary programs.

Summit follows an interdisciplinary model. Our entire staff, including teachers, speech and language pathologists, social workers, school psychologists, occupational therapists, and work-based learning job coaches, meets regularly to review student progress and make necessary program modifications. This collaboration produces strategies and methods for use by all team members, allowing a fully-integrated approach for meeting the unique needs of each student.