Preparing for Life After Summit

Our Guidance Department’s mission is to promote students’ academic, social, and emotional development. We also assist in developing their post-secondary plan within the collaborative environment of The Summit School community. 

Post-secondary counseling is an essential component of our Guidance Department. It is the guidance counselor’s role to assist families in navigating the college and/or vocational choices.

The Junior Year: In the fall of the junior year, parents and students begin the process by attending our Post-Secondary Planning Workshop in which they learn about the college, technical, and vocational options available to our students. Parents also receive a Junior Handbook that provides detailed information on all aspects of the college selection process and other post-secondary options and becomes a frequently used reference. In the spring of the junior year, individual transition meetings are scheduled with students, parents, and Summit staff. A list of recommended colleges and/or programs is provided based on the students’ academic records and performance, interests, standardized test scores, as well as social and emotional needs. The junior year transition meeting is the first of several brainstorming sessions made available to families. Another transition meeting is scheduled in the fall of the senior year. 

The Senior Year: Throughout the senior year, the guidance counselor facilitates the application process to assist the student in constructing a strong representation of his/her academic, vocational, and personal achievements to an admissions committee. The ultimate goal of our Guidance Department is to help students determine the best match between the students’ aptitude, abilities, and aspirations and a post-secondary outcome.

Other services provided by the Guidance Department
•  Maintain the official high school transcript, ensuring that graduation requirements are met, and review diploma options with students
•  Act as liaison between students and the
   City University of New York’s College Now Program
•  Maintain a library of publications on careers, colleges, and college majors, and guide students in the use of Internet resources for career and college exploration
•  Provide timeline for college planning in junior and senior years
•  Explore college majors and careers with students, and conduct college/program searches using online and print reference books
•  Write counselor recommendations and assist students in writing college essays and obtaining teacher recommendations
•  Coordinate college fairs and in-school visits from college admissions representatives
•  Meet individually with juniors and seniors throughout the year to oversee the college application process
•  Conduct workshop for parents of seniors in the fall to outline the college application process
•  Assist students and families in the scholarship, financial aid, and application process
•  Assist with registration and score review for PSAT, SAT, and ACT