Technology Program

The Summit School recognizes the role information technology plays as a valuable tool in supporting our educational program. Our vision is to create a learning environment in which all learners are technologically literate and have the necessary skills to successfully achieve their personal, educational, and workplace goals.

Every classroom is equipped with a SMART Board to enhance instruction. Students have access to mobile computing labs that provide for flexible and convenient access to technology. Digital Citizenship is an integral component of our instructional technology program.

Our instructional technology program uses both an integrated and direct instructional approach. Students learn to use a variety of productivity, multimedia, and Internet applications in order to produce products that reflect authentic learning experiences. Project-based learning affords our learners the opportunity to develop oral, written, and online communication skills, to work collaboratively with others, as well as to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills. These 21st-century skills are critical in preparing our students for life beyond the classroom. 

The Summit School’s instructional technology program continues to evolve in order to keep pace with the rapid rate at which new technologies emerge.