Work-Based Learning Program

At The Summit School, we believe that the role of secondary education is not only to provide a strong academic foundation, but also to give students the best chances for success after high school by connecting academic learning to the real world. Our Work-Based Learning Program helps to set The Summit School apart from other academic high schools by combining traditional academics with practical, work-based knowledge gained outside the classroom. Students graduate from The Summit School with a transcript and a resume that demonstrate their valuable academic and employment skills to colleges and future employers.

Students in grades 9-11 work one morning a week at a variety of job sites. The program is supervised by job coaches who travel with students and provide assistance. Students in grade 12 participate in internships where the goal is to work and travel independently. An annual career assembly is held to showcase students at their various job sites, to recognize our business partners, and to present awards to our outstanding student employees.

Objectives of our Work-Based Learning Program are to:
•  Provide career awareness and knowledge of opportunities available within different career paths
•  Provide interaction with adults who model successful workplace behaviors
•  Demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of the world of work
•  Raise the level of awareness of state-of-the-art technology in the workplace
•  Teach workplace skills necessary to compete successfully in today’s job market
•  Provide opportunities for students to apply their skills in real-world work settings
•  Encourage problem solving and creative thinking
•  Provide opportunities to demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills at a professional level
•  Build students’ confidence in transitioning from secondary to post-secondary educational settings